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Privacy Policy

As a licensed CBP broker, we are required to use due diligence to obtain accurate information required to conduct “customs business”, as defined in Title 19 CFR part 111. This necessarily involves the name and address of the importer of record (IOR) and the ultimate consignee, their EIN or social security number, contact information, etc. By signing our power of attorney and naming us as your agent for customs business, you authorize us to store, retrieve, and submit to U. S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and other government agencies (OGA’s) information they require to effect release of your imported shipments into the U.S. Further, Title 19 CFR part 111.23 requires us to maintain this information for at least five years.

As a licensed CBP broker, we are required by 19 CFR Sec 111.24 to maintain confidentiality of all records of customs business we conducted on behalf of our customers.

We do not disclose ANY information we obtain from an importer to any unauthorized 3rd parties, except to CBP and OGA’s unless we have your express written permission to do so.

In the course of exercising our responsibilities under “due diligence” as required by CBP, we may email, fax, or otherwise request from you additional information for clarification to properly prepare documents we submit to CBP and OGA’s on your behalf.

The importer/exporter is solely responsible for his act of importation/exportation, and he is solely liable for the the duties, fees, and penalties upon his act of importation/exportation. The information provided on is to our best knowledge and experiences and it is not your definitive source for information. If you have any doubts or need additional clarifications, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and other US government agencies are the definitive sources for your questions.