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Amazon FBA

What is Amazon FBA?
Fulfillment By Amazon is a service offered by Amazon for storing, packing, and shipping orders as well as handling returns and exchanges. Sellers provide goods and sell, Amazon will do all the remainig things.

Package Your Goods for Amazon FBA
Regardless of whether the packaging is a polybag or an individual box, you need to make sure that your goods will not be damaged during the transport, and the barcodes on the package are secured and are readable. Each Barcode or FNSKU must correspond with the proper variation of the product. Make sure the size and weight of each box meet Amazon FBA specifications

FBA Shipping Label
Amazon FBA requires individual cartons to have its own unique FBA shipping label. The shipping labels can be generated upon confirming a shipping plan in your Seller Central account. Make sure to apply barcodes to each individual item, carton labels to each master carton, and pallet labels to the four sides of each pallet.

Container Loading Check Inspection
Your shipment must be in strict compliance with Amazon’s FBA policies and regulations, otherwise your goods may be delayed or even rejected by Amazon for failure to meet appropriate packaging and labeling requirements.

Therefore, remember to make a complete container loading check inspection by yourself or a third party before your goods are loaded into containers.

Choose the right Shipping service
Based on the type, the weight, and the value of your goods, you choose the most suitable shipping service, by air shipping, by ocean shipping, or by Fedex, UPS.

Shipping Direct to Amazon FBA from China
If you are Amazon seller in China, make sure to pack and mark your goods completely in accordance with FBA specifications.
You can use Amazon Global Logistics (the Dragon Boat) for your shipments, Amazon will give you “FC Lock” and your shipments will go to only one Amazon FC warehouse.

If you use Amazon Global Logistics, you will need to pay all your freight, your duties and fees in advance with Delivered Duty-Paid (DDP) price, you will have the greatest possible chances to pay duties at the maximum possible rate of duty for your goods.

Shipping direct to Amazon FBA with all an all-in-one rate per CBM
The rates of duty for different classes of merchandise are quite different, the all-in-one rate (including sea freight, overland freight, CBP clearance) per CBM usually choose the highest possible rate of duty. Therefore, this kind of service is very good and convenient only for small business seller.

Choose a reputable freight forwarder
No matter you are a chinese seller or US seller, you can always choose a third party reputable freight forwarder, who will make the shipping process very simple and save you great time and money. A good forwarder will contact and coordinate with air/ocean carrier, customs broker, port, bonded warehouse, trucking company, and Amazon FBA warehouse on behalf of you. You will have more control over the shipping process and your goods. You will have chances to inspect your goods before your goods are delivered to Amazon warehouse, your shipment is unlikely to be rejected by Amazon FBA, and your sales strategies remain undisclosed to the product supplier. You will pay your duties at a more reasonable rate within 10 business days after the entry day.

File Importer Security Filing (ISF 10+2)
If you choose to ship your goods by ocean, you should file ISF 10+2 at least 24 hours before goods is loaded on board the shipping vessel. Otherwise, you will be subject to $5,000 penalty and your goods will be detained by CBP at the port of destination.

Choose reputable CBPbrokers to handle CBP clearance
CBPbrokers will determine if you have all required CBP bond, commercial invoice, bill of lading/air waybill, packing list, certificate of origin, applicable PGA proof documents, will check the validity, the accuracy, the completeness, the timeliness for a timely CBP clearance and pay all applicable duties, fees, and taxes.

Remember, the importer is liable for the timely payment of all duties, fees, and taxes, and will be subject to the penalty if timely payment is not made to CBP.

Working with CBPbrokers is the best way to expedite your Amazon FBA products pass through CBP clearance.

The importer/exporter is solely responsible for his act of importation/exportation, and he is solely liable for the the duties, fees, and penalties upon his act of importation/exportation. The information provided on is to our best knowledge and experiences and it is not your definitive source for information. If you have any doubts or need additional clarifications, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and other US government agencies are the definitive sources for your questions.