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Importing China Products

Make sure you can legally import your chosen items
  Check the following checklist
 Your items are not prohibited merchandises. Merchandise bearing counterfeit trademark is one example of prohibited merchandises.
 Your items are not produced by a suspect manufacturer who is on CBP's blocklist.
 Your items meet all applicable PGA requirements for entry into USA.
 Your items are legally marked with country of origin marking “Made In China” in a conspicuous place permanently.
If you have a straight definite answer “yes” to all the above questions, you are in a good starting point to proceed.

Make sure you have necessary permit and license to import your chosen items
  You will need a specialized license to import items that fall under certain categories, such as food products, plants, animal products, prescription medication, trademarked items

  The specific licenses needed for each good may come from different government agencies such as FDA, EPA, USDA.

ISF Filing
  If you choose to transport your shipment by vessel, make sure Importer Security Filing 10+2 document be submitted to the port of entry at least 24 hours before your merchandsie is laden on board the vessel. A violation to this requirement will result in a liquidated damage of $5,000 against the importer of record.

Get ready all documents required for CBP clearance
  Required documents include:
 Continuous or Single Transaction Bond
 Commercial Invoice
 Bill of Lading or Air Waybill
 Packing List
 Certificate of Origin
 FDA or EPA or USDA or other PGA required proof documents
 Inward Cargo Manifest and/or Immediate Transportation Form
If trusted merchandises produced in a trusted location are imported by a trusted importer from a trusted manufacturer via a trusted carrier with all required documents, your merchandises will definitely go through CBP clearance very quickly.

China products subject to extra additional rate of duty
  Please be aware that a lot of products made in China are subject to extra additional rate of duty specificied in 9903, 9904 Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States 2021, in addition to general rate of duty. Please make sure you know the total actual rate of duty for your chosen merchandise before you place your order with the manufacturer in China.

How to determine if a merchandise is subject to extra additional rate of duty, China Section 301-Tariff Action and Exclusion Process ?
  Step One: Know Your 8-digit HTS Subheading
  Step Two: Do the searching on a searching engine
China Section-301 Tariff Action Search

Lots of China products suject to anti-dumping duty and/or counter-vailing duty
  Please make certain if your merchanise made in China is subject to anti-dumping duty and/or counter-vailing duty or not ? Anti-dumping rate of duty or counter-vailing rate of duty may range from 50% to 500%.

For Example:
  Twist Ties produced by Zhejiang RongXX Plastic Co. are subject to anti-dumping rate 72.96%;
  Large Vertical Shaft Engines produced by Chongqing ZongshXX General Power Machine Co. are subject to anti-dumping rate 324.93%;
  Certain metal lockers made by China Manufacturers are subject to 322.25%, except for metal lockers made by Hangzhou Xline Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd, anti-dumping rate 0%, metal lockers by Zhejiang Xingyi Metal Products Co., Ltd., anti-dumping rate 21.25%.

Merchandise in Wooden Package, or in Non-Wooden Package
  If your merchandises are packed in wooden packages, you need to provide a fumigation certificate. If there is no wooden packaging, you must declare non-wood packaging (NON-WOOD PACKING) on all documents.

Manage Smart to Avoid/reduce Demurrage Fee and Detention Fee
  Demurrage is assessed on cargo that is left at the terminal beyond the allotted free time. Free time in contracts can vary, the standard is 4-5 days. Once that free time expires, you will be charged a daily storage fee (demurrage) until you pull the cargo from the terminal.

  Detention fee is charged per day per container from that time till the empty container is returned to the shipping line's nominated depot.

  Demurrage is paid to the port authority, and detention is paid to the steamship line that owns the cargo container and/or to the trucker.

  Whenever your shipment is subject to CBP inspection due to any unexpected reasons such as CBP suspects that you have undeclared products in your shipment, demurrage fee and detention fee are almost unavoidable.

  The Tip to avoid/reduce Demurrage Fee and Detention Fee is to hire most capable CBPbrokers to pre-clear your cargo and issue delivery instructions to your inland carrier in advance.

Working with CBPbrokers is the best way to expedite your China Products pass through CBP clearance.

The importer/exporter is solely responsible for his act of importation/exportation, and he is solely liable for the the duties, fees, and penalties upon his act of importation/exportation. The information provided on is to our best knowledge and experiences and it is not your definitive source for information. If you have any doubts or need additional clarifications, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and other US government agencies are the definitive sources for your questions.